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Sfikas & Karambelas, LLP is a full service commercial and international law firm. Tribonian Publishing, LLC publishes legal e-treatises on contract drafting, statutory interpretation and international business transactions. The law firm and the publishing company combine legal knowledge and expertise with the efficiency and convenience of electronic media. Contact us to learn more about our law firm.

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Sfikas & Karambelas, LLP: Areas of Practice
The law firm has over 30 years of experience of practice in commercial and public areas of domestic and international law. We have counseled and represented many national and international clients.  Our commercial practice ranges from business organization to franchising and securities law. Our international practice ranges from international business transactions to the law of the European Union with a particular focus on Greece, Cyprus and the Middle East. Click here to view our areas of practice and click here to learn more about our attorneys.  

Tribonian Publishing LLC : Electronic Legal Publications 
Ever since Tribonian wrote his compilations of and commentaries on Roman laws for Emperor Justinian in 533 AD, through Lord Coke’s Institutes of the Laws of England and Oliver Wendell Holmes’ The Common Law to the familiar green hornbooks, attorneys and jurists have been writing tomes on law and the practice of law.  Modern technology has revolutionized the way in which attorneys research and understand substantive areas of law. Tribonian Electronic Legal Treatises (TELTs) seek to apply that same technology to the skills and craft of practicing law.  Unlike areas of substantive law, skills develop with experience.  Rather than a bound volume with an annual supplement or a looseleaf volume with paper inserts or books in electronic form which simply reproduce the hard copy, the TELTs are designed to be used continuously as skills and craft evolve. 


Selected Articles  by Nicholas G. Karambelas, Esq.
We provide these publications without charge. We ask only that attribution and copyright restrictions be respected. Click here to view free articles.


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